Powering Your Canal Boat: Electrical Source Options

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Camden Council’s project to install electrical power sources for any luxury canal boat hire running on an electric motor has completed its first stage of development.

The project, developed by the Council in tandem with the Canal & River Trust and the Mayor London’s Good Growth Fund, aimed to provide four electricity power supplies at a popular mooring site on Regent’s Canal near King’s Cross.

The aim of the project was to serve as a proof of concept that allows boaters to switch to alternative power engines and motors without having to rely on diesel-powered engines and generators whilst the boat is moored.

The Camden Electric Moorings boast “green mains electricity”, suggesting that the power sources are connected to environmentally friendly sources of electricity, which can be used to charge both engines and power other on-board amenities such as cooking facilities and mains plugs.

In total, the moorings, which do not need to be pre-booked can support up to 16 boats positioned on the towpath between Camley Steet and St. Pancras Way. Boats that cannot connect to mains power can still moor their boats normally.

Depending on how successful the electric power sources are, the next step is to provide further electric moorings across London’s extensive canal network.

The first potential steps would be expanding along Regent’s Canal, which spans from Maida Vale near Paddington all the way to Limehouse Basin before the River Thames, providing electric charging points at mooring stations similar to the growing trend of car charging stations.

Ros Daniels, the Canal & River Trust Director for London, praised the move as one that suited the eco-conscious nature of many boaters who would take advantage of the system, whilst also noting that it did not remove a vital popular mooring point for boats that do not have a mains connection.

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